Packing and Crating Services

Packing is one of the most important aspects of moving. All your items need to be well packed & protected. Moving Right Along can provide you all the necessary supplies and boxes as well as packing info and advice. You can stop in at our warehouse or we can deliver to your doorstep.

Our 36 years of experience in packing and moving customers have shown that the quality of packing and packing supplies used is critical to a successful move. When you have Moving Right Along professionals pack your home or office, you’ll receive the same premium quality service we’re known for. On moves our highly skilled employees will wrap your possessions in packing paper, paper pads or bubble wrap before carefully placing each item in the appropriately sized box.

Whether you would like us to pack and prepare your home from start to finish or simply look after your most fragile goods, a Moving Right Along sales consultant can assist you in booking the right packing services for your needs.

Artwork, marble and glass may need to be crated. Moving Right Along can provide 2 types of crates

  1. Cardboard Crate: For items such as glass doors, oversized television, most artwork, sculptures and marble, a custom cardboard crate will be created on location on the day of the move from cardboard sheets and boxes. The inside of the cardboard exterior will be padded with white paper and bubble wrap as needed. This is the most cost-effective option.
  2. Wood Crate: Custom wood crates are the better choice for frail or high valued antiques, frail or exceptional artwork, sculptures and items of high value, and items being shipped long-distance. Custom wood crates must be custom made by our professional craftsman prior to the move.

Your project manager will help you to determine the safest and most cost-effective way to care for your precious breakables.

Wood crates are designed and built to precise size and are normally reusable.