Professional Furniture Care and Furnishing

img_4_001Have a piece of furniture or sofa that will not fit through your new front door? Or a custom built-in sofa that you want to take along to your new home? Moving Right Along Moving & Storage offers a wide range of furniture care services that include disassembly and reassembly, fine furniture and antique repair, and custom restoration. Our clients have access to the same old-world craftsmanship once only available to high end antique dealers. Our staff of professionals has the knowledge, and more importantly, the experience, necessary to restore the beauty and life to your unique furniture. Perhaps you inherited a treasured antique, but have always feared restoring it – now is your opportunity to add more than sentimental value to those pieces, and make them the showpieces they deserve to be.

Disassembling and reassembling furniture, particularly sofas, is a service best left in the hands of an expert. Handling the upholstery and framing takes skill and training. We have heard countless stories from clients that allowed other moving companies to disassemble their sofas in the past, only to discover they were not qualified and had no idea how to reassemble them upon delivery. Or worse, assemble them with bunches and bulges in the fabric, or the frame so badly damaged the sofa squeaks or is crooked. Our furniture care division is well trained and well experienced in handling all makes of sofas and sofa beds.

Another advantage to having a team of experts on staff is our client’s peace of mind. Our clients can rest assured, in the event of damage, we have a crew of the finest craftsmen on our staff to expedite flawless repair of just about any piece of wood furniture.