12 Ways to Spot an Unqualified Mover

Moving is the 3rd most stressful experience people endure, so doing a little homework and applying some common sense is well worth it. Jim Rueda, the owner of Moving Right Along Moving & Storage, suggests the following:

Steps To Take:
  1. Check that the mover prints his license # and local address on forms or advertisements.
  2. Walk or drive by the offices or warehouse to ensure their existence and to see if they are in poor condition.
  3. Or visit online through google earth
  4. Be aware how the mover answers his phone. He should clearly state his company name and not with a generic “movers” or “moving company”.
  5. Check out the mover’s trucks – a company with nothing but the company name on the doors or a rental truck may signal a firm that frequently changed names to avoid customer complaints.
  6. Ask the mover for a Certificate of Insurance. (A detail of his coverages)
Beware If:
  1. The mover demands a deposit before the move.
  2. Mover refuses an onsite inspection.
  3. You can’t meet or speak with the owner.
  4. Estimate falls far below others.
  5. The mover claims that all goods are covered by their basic insurance.
  6. The mover can’t give you names and telephone numbers of satisfied customers.

Make sure that the mover you choose can provide you with a WORKMAN’S COMPENSATION CERTIFICATE (This is the coverage that prevents you from being sued in the event that someone gets hurt) and also a CARGO INSURANCE POLICY (this proves that your furniture is really insured if something gets lost or damaged).

Important resources to verify a mover’s license # and reputation:
DOT – (800) 786-5368, www.newyork.bbb.org and www.safersys.org for insurance and safety records.

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