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Storage Tips While Moving

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While moving can be a very stressful time, being well prepared can help alleviate anxiety, prevent damage and keep your costs down.

When considering what to store you should keep with you all personal effects, such as medication, jewelry, heirlooms, important documents, deeds, titles, checkbooks and passports – items such as these should not be packed, moved or stored by anyone other than you.

In addition to personal documents and effects, liquid items such as oil, vinegar, shampoo, and liquid soap, as well as cleaning supplies and chemicals should be discarded and not stored. These items tend to seep, and are normally in breakable glass or plastic bottles. One broken or leaky bottle can cause a great deal of damage, especially when your cartons are sitting in storage for an extended period of time.

Electronics, Televisions, Audio/Visual/Stereo Equipment and Computers
It is suggested these items be prepared by our professional movers. Television boxes are available for purchase for most television sizes. As well, blankets and padding may be used to prepare televisions. Special flat panel carriers are available to rent for plasma and LCD televisions. China boxes are suggested for packing computer equipment (most monitors and CPUs), and other electronic equipment. China boxes are made of double corrugated cardboard, and are twice as strong as other boxes. All wiring and cords should be disconnected and units should be unplugged and disconnected from each other prior to the mover’s arrival.

Framed Pictures, Paintings and Mirrors
Small framed and personal pictures may be easily packed by customer. Smaller fragile items should be wrapped in white paper or bubble wrap and packed into China Boxes with crumpled white paper for padding between articles (and labeled “Fragile”). We suggest Picture Boxes padded and lined with packing paper for larger framed pictures, paintings and mirrors. Packing of larger framed items and mirrors may be completed by our movers on the day of move. Glycine paper for paintings and custom wood crates are available upon request.

Dressers, Cabinets, Closets and Desks
All drawers are to be emptied prior to move. Clothing and linens should be packed into medium sized boxes (linen boxes). We suggest not packing clothing in garbage bags, seeing as they generally not strong enough to withhold the pressure throughout the duration of the move and tend to tear. If you opt to move clothing in duffel or carry-on bags, it is suggested all of the bags together be placed in a Wardrobe Box on the day of move. This will help avoid misplacing many small bags, and will also save a great deal of time. Wardrobe boxes are available on the day of the move for hanging garments in the closets. Shoes, bags and other such loose items may be placed in the bottom of the wardrobe boxes.

Books, CD’s, Records and Personal Files
These items should be packed into smaller sized boxes (book boxes). Small knick-knacks, candles, small containers and loose items should be packed in small to mid-sized boxes. Do not fill a big box with heavy items and/or books - not only may the movers have difficulty moving it, the probability of the box breaking under the pressure is much higher than if smaller boxes are used.

China, Crystal, Dishes, Small Appliances, Pots and Pans
These items should be packed in stronger, larger boxes, such as China Boxes or "Dish packs". These boxes are made of stronger, heavier cardboard, and are large so that fragile items may be packed with a good deal of filler, such as crumpled up white packing paper and bubble wrap. Plates should be wrapped individually first, then placed standing on end (not on top of each other), in the box. White paper crumpled should be between each plate, and lining the bottom of the box. White paper comes in large sheets. Some of it may be cut in half so that the sheets are smaller and easier to work with.


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